IEEE Distinguished Talk: “More than the eye”

IEEE Distinguished Talk, Prof Bhaskar Choubey, University of Oxford
Title: Digital Cameras: More than the eye
Date: 30 March 2017, 4:00 pm
Speaker: Prof Bhaskar Choubey, University of Oxford
Abstract: Digital Cameras have revolutionized the commercial electronics industry. This has been possible by replacing the old film with a digital sensor build in the same process as that of most other computer chips. However, these cameras are still not as good as the natural camera – the human eye. They still cannot do focal plane processing or capture wide dynamic range of intensities. Rather, all additional expectations from a digital camera have been subsumed in the race for more pixels per imager. However, this increasing number of pixels is leading to a large amount of data being produced, putting the stress of the readout and storage. In this presentation, I will present circuit approaches for intelligent imaging. Furthermore, image sensors have historically been limited to three colors and visible band. I will present our work on extending these abilities. Finally, being inspired by the variability of pixels and transistors, I will discuss variability in the eye as well as nano-systems.

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